Live Reading Sunday January 29th


AMDA Studios (formerly Shetler Studios)

244 West 54th St NYC

Studio 1202


James A. Pierce III as Thomas McKeller

Russell Jordan as John Singer Sargent

Kate Konigisor as Isabella Gardner

Logan Thomason as Will Kamp

Strictly Limited Seating

Call 212-932-2411 for RSVP

John Singer Sargent (1856 – 1925), the most successful portrait painter of his era, lays bare his thorny relationships with models Thomas McKeller, Wilhelm Kamp & patroness Isabella Stewart Gardner while desperately seeking non-portraiture as his legacy.

On a Sunday in June 1921, a poststroke, wheelchair bound Isabella Gardner appears at Sargent’s studio with chauffeur, a former model of Sargent, in tow asking Sargent to give her the many sketches he has promised her or reproduce them while she watches. She also seeks to see the painting of McKeller never shown to any but Sargent’s inner circle.

Will Isabella finally see “Thomas McKeller” & receive her sketches? Will Tom McKeller make a stand? Will “the chauffeur”, Will, redeem himself? And will Old Master Sargent find the respect he seeks, creating civic commissions and ridding himself forever of portraiture?

McKeller became Sargent’s most "useful" life drawing model, standing in for men, women, the politically powerful, all forms of gods, goddesses and white people. The portrait of a totally uncovered Thomas McKeller, was only displayed "discretely & infrequently" to Sargent's closest friends, never publicly during Sargent’s lifetime. It was "unseen" for nearly 100 years finally exhibited in 2020 at Boston's Gardner Museum.

Combining spoken text, life drawing, immersive imagery, and historical fact & fiction, HIDDEN invites you, to meet the artist, his patroness and his most “useful” models.

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HIDDEN on Vimeo



 You’re invited to Sargent’s Pope Building Studio 1921 to meet the artist, his patroness and Boston's Apollo

Visual Inspiration for HIDDEN: Click Here

Actors Shakespeare Co. (ASC)

Hosted Live ZOOM Webinar/Reading

PANDER...ing by ptmc

Sunday January 24th, 2021

VIMEO Promo for PANDERing...

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What if Shakespeare felt maker's remorse in presenting HENRY VI's Joan of Arc, & TROILUS & CRESSIDA's Pandarus, & enlists the patronage of Queen Elizabeth to assist him in giving both Pandarus & Joan d’Arc makeovers? Perhaps change history in the process? Achilles, Patroclus, Mistress Overdone, Anne Hathaway, Mrs. Aphra Behn, Edward DeVere and even a Gallant Stool join in the fray.

And what’s that underlying thrum regarding authorship?


What if Will Shakespeare had "maker's remorse" and decided to call in TROILUS & CRESSIDA's Pandarus, and HENRY 6th's Joan la Pucelle for makeovers?

Achilles, Patroclus, Mistress Overdone, Queen Elizabeth, Mrs. Aphra Behn, Edward de Vere, Anne Hathaway & even a Gallant Stool jump into the fray to give Joan d'Arc her due.

​Can lit history's non-winners, even those burned at the stake, be remade?

And what's that constant thrum regarding authorship?




Shaming of the Shrewd © 2023 by Patrick Thomas McCarthy ptmc

Cast 4 Women 7 Men

Kate – oldest daughter to Baptista, match to Petruchio

Petruchio – fortune hunter, match to Kate

Bianca – youngest daughter to Baptista, match to Lucentio

Baptista – father to Kate & Bianca, match to Matchata

Hortensio – son to Bumsquat, Vincentio’s mate

Vincentio –  Hortensio’s mate

Lucentio – son to Matchata, Bianca’s mate

Biondello – servant to Baptista family, Servantina’s mate

Bumsquat – father to Hortensio

Matchata – matchmaker, Lucentio's mother, match to Baptista

Servantina – servant to Baptista family, mate to Biondello

SYNOPSIS Kate Baptista runs her father’s household with a firm hand since her mother’s death. When matchmakers and fortune seekers pursue her sister Bianca for her dowry, Kate puts forth the oldest daughter must be first married dictum. She then interviews potential suitors for her own hand and Bianca’s, suffering no fools in the bargain. Choosing Petruchio as the most apt, least offensive choice after careful analysis, she proceeds to make him into an appropriate match. She is ashamed that mankind is " so simple”.


                  TheaterMakers Studio Nominees/Winners for TMS Awards Are...


Pride River Crossing by ptmc


Katherine Hammond - Pride River Crossing


Brandy Clark - Pride River Crossing

OBS ZOOM Staged Reading via TheatreMakers Studio            

Directed by Katherine Hammond via Warehouse of Theatre, Norfolk, VA





Produced by Special Arrangement with SMITH SCRIPTS

Click on the DRAMA SCRIPTS UK link for leasing & downloading information


Madame X's Allerton


Sunday May 24th at 6pm EDT, on FaceBook LIVE

Hope you joined us for this experiment in

ZOOMing new work 

It's an epistolary intrigue of historical fact, fiction & LGBTQ issues ...

For a taste of our ZOOM event click below...


More on REEKING of INDISCRETION .... click


LEASING now available at.... 


Reeking of Indiscretion:

Madame X's Allerton ... The Chicago Tribune’s Madame X, society doyenne Caroline Kirkland (1865-1930) declared Robert Allerton (1873–1964) Chicago’s most eligible bachelor in 1906. His personal relationship with Caroline Kirkland, and his intimate relationship with John Wyatt Gregg Allerton (1899-1986), his longtime companion, and adopted-as-an-adult son, are best imagined by inventing what their correspondence might have been. Bridging two centuries, what words might have passed between these three brightly shining stars that helped shape the course of art, landscape architecture, the future of celebrity journalism and LGBTQ issues that were only imagined in the early 20th century. An epistolary intrigue of historical truth and fiction and LGTBQ issues

GoFundMe  &  Madame X

Reeking of Indiscretion:

Madame X's Allerton

(C) 2019 by Patrick Thomas McCarthy ptmc


One Night Only

Tuesday July 16th at 8:30pm

ALL OUT ARTS Fresh Fruit Festival

@ The Wild Project 195 East 3rd St & Ave B


Ms. Anna Cody as Caroline Kirkland / Madame X

Mr. Jordan Tierney as John Wyatt Gregg

Mr. Patrick Thomas McCarthy as Robert Henry Allerton


Sat July 13th , 2019 @7pm

@ Grounded Goodwife, Woodbury, CT


Sheri Bresson as Madame X

Miles Everett as Robert Allerton

Sam Bass as John Gregg

An epistolary intrigue of historical fact, fiction &

LGBTQ issues


Reeking Of Indiscretion:

Madame X's Allerton

Additional Readings

Sunday December 30 @East Point Commons, Milwaukee

Thursday December 27 @WaukeshaCivicTheatre, Waukesha

see events page for details & photos

Wednesday November 28 @8pm & Monday December 10 @8pm

reading excerpts of

#MadameXsAllerton by ptmc



presentation series




  Aaron's Revengers Tragedy

                                               ...A Feast of Blood

Mashing up Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus, Middleton’s The Revenger’s Tragedy and the Victorian Penny Dreadful, STRING of PEARLS a.k.a. Sweeney Todd, to provide enough vengeance, mayhem and blood to fill a banquet hall of horror. Aaron becomes the central character in this barbaric tripleheader, gaining his freedom, his vengeance and his child’s legacy on the bloody way. Coming soon from ptmcplaywriting.com




Music Stand Reading

Sun September 23, 2018


Manhattan Plaza

Ellington Room

Many Thank Yous to

David Palmer Brown [The LEARS, 12th NIGHTed, Varied Lives] as Pero

Drew Bolander [The LEARS, CUSTODY, Varied Lives] as Nando

Patrick Harvey [Smith St Stage] as Stefano

Amy Helms [ FSU - Asolo Conservatory] as Miranda

Ashley Marinaccio [NYU Tisch] as Ariel

Kyle Minshew [ 12th Nighted, Demitri - Midnight's Dream] as Cal ... Caliban

TEMPEST  (C) 2018 by ptmc

Characters - 4 Men 2 Women

Pero – father to three children, survivalist, magician [50s]

Miranda – daughter to Pero [20s/30s]

Cal – son to Pero [20s/30s]

Ariel – daughter to Pero [20s]

Nando – handsome stranger in a strange land [20s/30s]

Stefano – companion, sex-worker [20s /30s]


A post-apocalypse survivalist enclave


In a post-apocalyptic world, a survivalist father, Pero, captures two strangers he will groom to give as gifts to two of his three children, his pups, Miranda, Ariel & Cal.  Will the addition of the "other" civilize his children or compound their savagery? Many "others" have come & gone, will these be the ones to stay...

"O, Brave New World" that has the other in't...

TEMPEST ... is also now submitted to

Acadiana Repertory Theatre, ART, Lafayette, LA

Barrington Stage, MA

College of Charleston, Todd McNurney Playwriting Contest

Death & Pretzels, Chicago, IL

Greater Boston Stage, MA


Mixed Blood Theatre, Mpls, MN

many thru NPX [New Play Exchange] tagging




sExtOrtiOn   7 Year Anniversary - ALL OUT ARTS Fresh Fruit Festival July 2013

ALL OUT ARTS Awards: Outstanding Achievement in Playwriting

Outstanding Ensemble Performance

Officially entered

Shakespeare's New Contemporaries Initiative

American Shakespeare Center

Staunton, VA

June 12, 2018

Midnight's Dream

First Complete Read Cast List Sunday May 6th 2018

Mick Bleyer = Congressman O'Baron

Anna Cody = Congresswoman Blackbottom, Titania Whipmaster

Mary O'Brady = Mr. Phineas Puck

Nick Bombicino= Colonel Egeus Edge

Mary Lauren = Miss Helena Jane Hathaway

Alana Rader = Hermia Edge, the Edger, the Colonel's daughter

Kyle Minshew = Demitri Demigoggins - a Russian operative with Book of Face specialization, speaks broken Russian inflected English

Dan Tracy = Sandy Lysander Lackluster - not the sharpest knife in the drawer, a Congressional Staffer

Anne Pasquale = Mz. Bette Bottom, Congressional Staffer, Pyramus

Keith Herron = Mr. Quin Quince, Congressional Staffer, Wall

Tepper Saffren = Mr. Frankie Flute, Congressional Staffer, Thisby

Kimmie Braunthal = Ms. Snug Robin Starvling - Congressional Staffer, the Lion in Pyramus & Thisby

Midnight's Dream

(C) 2018 by ptmc

from ptmcplaywriting.com


7 Men & 5 Women colorful characters include...

Congressman Theeseus O'Baron

Congresswoman Hippolyta Blackbottom and Titania Whipmaster

Colonel Edgeus Edge

Mr. Phineas Puck - The Congressman's Chief of Staff

Demitri-us Demigoggins - a Russian operative with Book of Face Specialization

Sandy Lysander Lackluster - Congressional Staff Member

Hermia Edge / The Edger - Colonel Edge's daughter

Helena Jane Hathaway - the Congressman's Secretary

Mz. Bette Bottom - Congressional Staffer, Pyramus

Quin Quince - Congressional Staffer, Wall

Francis "Frankie" Flute - Congressional Staffer, Thisby

Ms. Snug Robin Starveling - Congressional Staffer, Lion



SLIPPERY now officially submitted to Shakespeare's New Contemporaries Playwriting Project at American Shakespeare Center in Staunton, Virginia. The 2 winners each year of the competition (10 years in all, in total 20 companion pieces will be selected) will play in rep with their Shakespeare companion.

If SLIPPERY is chosen it would play in rep with The WINTER's TALE April/June 2019 at ASC. The first 4 plays seeking "New Contemporaries" companion pieces are The COMEDY of ERRORS, HENRY IV Part 1, The MERRY WIVES of WINDSOR and The WINTER's TALE. The 4 plays for the 2019-2020 cycle are CYMBELINE, OTHELLO, MIDSUMMER NIGHT's DREAM and HENRY IV Part 2.

Let the playwriting begin...or continue....


SLIPPERY - first reading with Will Copeland, Amanda DuPuy, Jens Martin Krummel, Austin Marolla and Patrick Ball at BGSQD, LGBTQ Center, NYC

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CUSTODY Review TheaterScene by Joel Benjamin July 2017


CUSTODY review OuterStage by Rachel Rocano July 2017


CUSTODY review DramaQueensReviews by Turan Koyuncu July 2017


CUSTODY Arrangements Set

CUSTODY granted its hearing for July 2017

Arrangements set for ALL OUT ARTS Fresh Fruit Festival

Monday July 10 @ 8pm

Thursday July 13 @ 7pm

Sunday July 16, @ 4pm

The Wild Project 195 East 3rd St @ Ave B, NYC

Tickets $18 @ https://web.ovationtix.com/trs/cal/527

CUSTODY 2017 Summer Festival Showcase

Crowd source funding campaign completed on HATCHFUND  

CUSTODY 2017 Cast & Staff

*Anne Pasquale as Shannon

*Keith Herron as Peter

Sam Durant Hunter as Brendan

*Drew Bolander as Ted

Melly Lou by Chris Fields as Melly Lou

Patrick Aran as Director

Casey Ecker as Stage Manager

Nate Siregar as Props Manager

Susan Cook as Costume Coordinator/Designer

* Member AEA Actors Equity Association

CUSTODY is an AEA Festival Showcase


The DCLA [Dept. of Cultural Affairs] & Lower Manhattan Cultural Council [LMCC] have awarded CUSTODY a Creative Engagement Grant for Summer 2017. The $1,000 grant will double actor stipends from those previously offered by ptmcplaywriting.com for summer festival production. The other half of the stipend will still need to come from crowd sourcing.

CUSTODY is made possible in part with public funds from Creative Engagement / Creative Learning, supported by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council and administered by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. LMCC.net

CUSTODY at the


Fresh Fruit Festival

July 2017

CUSTODY Opening Night Photo Album


And Thank Yous All Around

Sunday March 5, 2017

@ TAI The Actors Institute NYC

Staged Reading with Audience Feedback


Anne Pasquale as Shannon

Keith Herron as Peter

Mick Bleyer as Brendan

Drew Bolander as Ted


Melly Lou by Chris Fields

Thanks for Being

Part of the 1st & 2nd

CUSTODY hearings...

Sunday January 15, 2017

@ TAI The Actors Institute


Sam Durant Hunter as Brendan

Anne Pasquale as Shannon

Gregory Pragel as Ted

Keith Herron as Peter

Liz McMonagle ... Stage Directions


Melly Lou by Chris Fields

Thanks for Putting us on your Docket....

Many thanks on Thanksgiving

to the Cast of the 1st In House

Reading of CUSTODY

Sunday Nov 20, 2016


Sam Durant Hunter as BRENDAN

Anne Pasquale as SHANNON

Keith Herron as PETER

Chris Fields as TED


Dianne Tack...Stage Directions


3 men pursue 1 woman

for CUSTODY of their children, memories & photo albums

Chickens come home to roost &

America's only child with Dutch Elm Disease

plays a starring role in a sub-urban apartment with 3 exits & 1 closet

Who's coming out & who's going in?

Now, with a complete & timely overhaul,

CUSTODY will open as many doors as it slams shut.

ALL OUT ARTS Fresh Fruit Festival 

Monday July 11th

Wed July 13th

Sunday July 17th 2016

The Wild Project

195 E. 3rd St @ Ave B, NYC

12th NIGHTed Cast 

Alyssa Abraham [Stella Adler Studio of Acting] MARIA D'ASSOLVERE

Jonathan Barker [Stella Adler Studio of Acting] VITO VITTORIO VITALE

Alexandra Bonesho* [Marquette University] CESARIO / VIOLA VITALE

David Palmer Brown* [12th NTD readings, Hudson Warehouse] TOBY RUTTATE

Keith Herron* [Boardwalk Empire, Mr. Robot, NY Fringe]


Lorenzo Lucchetti [Stella Adler Studio of Acting] FRANCESCO Frankie ASSISI


*AEA Approved Showcase, AEA Member


#‎12thNIGHTed‬ gets major mention

Austin Fimmano's playstosee.com review of ‪#‎FreshFruitFestival‬ 


"Other shows are much lighter, such as 12th NIGHTed – the wild adaptation of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night set in 1960s Little Italy. Sexualities run amuck, crossing paths and genders until wrapping up nicely with four neat couples and a Twelfth Day of Christmas bow on top. Intolerance in this play is represented only in the gentlest of jests: “We can’t get married for HOW many years?” a gay couple demands, when the bad news is broken to them by a deceased patriarch who apparently achieved omnipotence in the afterlife. Protagonist Viola, struggling to cling to her invented identity as Cesario, relies on homophobic culture to maintain a professional barrier between her business and her pleasure. Her problem is that there is an odd sexual tension growing between her and her boss, Orson, who has no idea she’s a woman. “Two MEN can’t do that,” the two business partners keep telling each other nervously as the heat between them rises. But by the end of the play, everyone has brushed off their prejudices without a care, and together they rejoice at the idea of all living happily under one roof. Love is love."


12th NIGHTed"Slam-Dunk" per TheatreReviews.com

Off-Broadway Review: “12th Nighted” and “Fire on Babylon” at

Fresh Fruit Festival 2016 at the Wild Project

(Through Sunday July 24, 2016)

Reviewed by David Roberts and Joseph Verlezza'

Theatre Reviews Limited

Hands down, Patrick Thomas McCarthy has written a slam-dunk retelling of Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” aptly entitled “12th Nighted” which enjoyed its final performance at Fresh Fruit Festival 2016 on Sunday July 17, 2016 at the Wild Project. There are familiar characters: Cesario and Viola (Alexandra Bonesho); Olivia (Anne Pasquale); Maria (Alyssa Abraham); Mel Volio (Keith Herron); and Toby (David Palmer Brown). And there are reimagined and additional characters to the Shakespearean roster. Four couples – rather than two – find wedded bliss: one of the couples is Olivia’s adopted gay son Francesco D'Assisi (Lorenzo Lucchetti) and Antonio Argento (Keith Herron) creator of rather risqué Holy Pictures using Vito Vittorio Vitale (Jonathan E. Barker) – aka Viola’s twin orphaned brother Sebastian – as his near naked model.

Although the shenanigans are mostly reminiscent of Shakespeare’s 1600 celebration of the end of the long Christmas season, playwright McCarthy has supercharged the iconic “mature comedy” with a delightful LGBTQ flair set in “gay, swinging, 1960s Little Italy in New York City.” The members of the ensemble cast (which includes Blaine Mizer who stands in for Malvolio) uniformly deliver well-developed outrageous characters whose unique and believable conflicts drive “12th Nighted’s” madcap post-Shakespearean plot.

Director Patrick Aran keeps the antics moving along; however, there is room for a quicker pace at times to keep the farce from bogging down. And there are some scenes which could easily be cut by a few minutes each. This would tighten the play a bit and make it even more engaging and entertaining.

As it stands, Mr. McCarthy’s retelling is a splendid way to celebrate – as Maria states – the need for all of us to do what we need to do “to get along” – as you will as it were. There is a myriad of references to the canon of the American musical theatre, including nods at “Hello, Dolly” and “Carousel” and others even the characters find a bit shocking.

Production and sound design by Katherine Hammond.

Lights, set, and props design by Patrick Aran.

Costume coordination by Susan Cook.

Stage management by Ioannis Bakageorgos.


12th NIGHTed

On the 12th night ... day of Christmas your true love brings to me, many kinds of pasta, one butler braying & one golden ring. Updated to gay, swinging,1960’s Little Italy, NYC, this 12th NIGHTed is shot out of a Shakespearean confetti cannon of sexual confusion, double sets of twins, & families trying to stick or get back together. Eight saucy characters blanket the pasta business with their own kind of business in an Italian "pair" tree. A farce of epic proportions mirroring the Bard's TWELFTH NIGHT.

"If pasta be the food of love, carb on"

Click on the WEEBLY Link for More on

12th NIGHTed


Click on the PINTEREST site below

for more Photos of

12th NIGHTed

Below: The famiglia of the Palazzo Earnrighto. Little Italy, USA, 1967 will make you an offer you can't refuse.

Varied Lives

"Modelled" upon Shakespeare's

Merry Wives of Windsor for Six Men

Set in 1930's American Heartland


Modell "Moddy" Tyrone Smith

Mr. Fenton Philip Ford

Mr. Teddy Turner the Butler

Satchel Jefferson

Mr. Princeton Percival Page

Mr. Donald John Falstaff

Music Stand Readings

Free Admission

Sun. October 4, 2015 6:45pm at TAI

The Actors Institute NYC


Sun. Sept 29, 2019


Shetler Studios, NYC

Come to Ford Farms for a not so quiet weekend in the country...

The LEARS: Fools of Fortune 2015

Award Winners ALL OUT ARTS Fresh Fruit Festival

David Palmer Brown - Outstanding Lead Performance

Katherine Hammond - Outstanding Production Design

Awards Ceremony- Sun May 22, 2016

Bowery Poets Club, The Bowery, NYC

The Lears CAST

Drew Bolander as Ned "Edgar" Storr

Jean Brassard as Glen Storr Esq

Catherine Goodman as Reagan Lehman Lear

David Palmer Brown as Edgar Reginald Lehman Lear

Cynthia Granville as Anneril Lehman Lear

Cameron Moser as Cord Lehman Lear/Cordelia Learson

Tim Shelton as Monty "Edmond" Storr

The LEARS: Fools of Fortune (C) 2013 By Patrick Thomas McCarthy

New York, NY 10025 ptmcplaywriting.com


5 Men & 2 Women


Mr. Edgar Reginald Lehman Lear– patriarch, man of business

Ms. Annaril Lear – oldest daughter

Ms. Reagan Lear – the other daughter

Mr. Cord Lear/ Ms. Cordelia Learson – youngest child

Mr. Glen Storr – business partner, family lawyer

Mr. Edgar "Ned", Storr/ Ned o’ Bedlam – primary son

Mr. Edmond “Monty” Storr – bastard son, personal trainer, escort

ALL OUT ARTS Fresh Fruit Festival

The Wild Project 195 E. 3rd St at Ave B, NYC

The LEARS: Fools of Fortune

(C) 2013 by Patrick Thomas McCarthy ptmc

Monday July 13th, 7:30pm 2015

Tuesday July 14th, 9:00pm 2015

Wednesday July 15th, 9:00pm 2015

Sunday July 19th, 4:00pm 2015


A Wintry Tale

Spun from Shakespeare's


Sit Down Reading Sunday

December 7, 2014 at 6:00pm

BGSQD Bookstore 208 w. 13th St in the LGBTQ Center

Monty's 16, & you're invited to his Birthday Barbecue...

Bring your appetite for down home family dysfunction...

And someone exits pursued by a bear...


3 Women: Hermione/Mia, Paully, Perdy

6 Men: Leon, Beau, Cam, Monty, Max/Monty, Austin /Strap


New Play Exchange

Look for ptmc @

12th NIGHTed 

On the 12th day/night of Christmas your true love brings to me, many kinds of pasta, a butler braying, and one golden ring. And they'll all come out of an Italian pear tree in the world of gay 1960's Little Italy with loons in the trees & fortunes to be made. A farce of epic proportions. Shakespeare's TWELFTH NIGHT shot out of a confetti cannon..

"If pasta be the food of love, carb on"

Sunday September 7, 2014 at 7pm

BGSQD 83a Hester St at Allen St, NYC

12th NIGHTED - a sit down reading - with Roxann Kraemer, David Palmer Brown, Robert Meksin, Anna Cody, Kyle Minshew, Cheryl Royce, Bryce Henry and Patrick McCarthy


Mon 7.8.13 @ 7pm

Tues 7.9.13 @ 9pm

Sun 7.14.13 @ 2pm


Fresh Fruit International Festival at

The Wild Project

195 E. 3rd St @ Ave B, NYC

6 boys, 2 girls & 1 adult on a harrowing ride

Into the world of teen "sexting"

In sExtOrtiOn, a lonely outcast hatches a scheme that draws his entire high school and its Middle American community into the harrowing world of teen sexting. Posing as a girl on a social media site, he entices his classmates to send him compromising photos and videos, then “sextorts” them into upping the ante of each physical encounter with the threat of exposure. Inspired by an actual teen “sexting” and extortion scandal, sExtOrtiOn digs beneath the superficial and sensationalistic treatments in national media accounts to explore the roots of adolescents’ fluid sexual identity, experimentation, & recklessness, & the consequences of bullying, pack behavior, & hidden violence. sExtOrtiOn takes place over a year when none of the “sextorted” boys reveals what is happening until the central character inexplicably turns himself in. Over the course of the play’s 90 minutes, the nine characters of sExtOrtiOn struggle to make sense of the story’s myriad unanswered questions & disguise what is actually happening.

to view

sExtOrtiOn Sexting Sequence 2

By Patrick Thomas McCarthy

Directed by Christopher Caines

Reviewed by David Roberts

Theatre Reviews Limited July 9, 2013

The eleventh annual Fresh Fruit Festival launched its All Out Theatre offerings with Patrick Thomas McCarthy’s “sExtOrtiOn” a complex, multi-layered drama which tackles morally ambiguous themes with a stunning cast portraying equally morally ambiguous characters. In some ways this is an odd “place” for the Festival to begin: the gay characters in this interesting ninety-minute play are neither likable nor lovable (there is a difference). The only out boy at his high school, Quin Quimby (Joshua Warr) narrates the harrowing tale of sexting gone wrong – terribly wrong. Were his narration merely about teen sexting and the concomitant extortion it often generates, there would be nothing new in Mr. McCarthy’s text and any attempt to stage that script would fall flat. Fortunately, “sExtOrtiOn” is about more than its title suggests.

Eschewing comfortable simplicity for more challenging complexity,‘sExtOrtiOn” wrestles with the themes of bullying, pack behavior, sexual identity, and teen sexual experimentation. Its strength, however, is its willingness to tackle the weightier issues of motivation and the hidden violence extant on the underbelly of those themes.

The conflicts are equally complex: for example, the audience discovers– in a delicious twist – that bully Buck Cumming’s (yes, the character’s name really is Buck Cummings, played brilliantly by Seth Shirley) conflict with his bully buddy Ben Benjamin (played with equal brilliance by Andrew Gelles) is the central conflict which drives the plot seemingly dominated by outsider Donny Doirko’s (Spencer Scott) sextortion scheme and Bradley Michael White (Justin Garascia) and Brenda Fenton Flair’s (Julia Hochner) BFF-BMW dedicated relationship.

Under Christopher Caines’ careful direction the entire cast, rounded out by Joshua David Bishop (the desperately seeking someone Brent Dodge), Jeff Ronan (the somewhat creepy and culpable Mr. Zee), and Chantal Thomson (the Brittany Gray Valley Girl accomplice in all things friendship) brings Mr. McCarthy’s script to the stage with honest and gracious performances. Mr. McCarthy and Mr.Caines should indeed be pleased to have engaged this dedicated cast. Together, they share a story of how oppressive systems (schools, religious institutions, the military, and sometimes the family) can deprive the individual’s opportunities for self-discovery, self-expression, and self-acceptance. Without these and the non-judgmental and unconditional love that fosters them, all hell can - and often does - easily break loose.

It would be interesting to see this play without the gratuitous sexting scenes. This reviewer understands that witnessing these explicit and often exploitative scenes enables the audience to “see” themselves in each of the characters and in fact comprehend they are “part of them;” however, to witness the scene, then have the character unpack its significance, and then have a narrator rehearse the scene one final time is simply unnecessary. Already a winner, “seXtOrtiOn” trimmed to a lean and mean sixty or seventy minutes could be a b-boy slam dunk.

“sExtOrtiOn”by Patrick Thomas McCarthy with direction by Christopher Caines; set, costume, and lighting design by Caines; fight direction by Galway McCullough; music by Ethan Gold; and projections design by Katherine Hammond. Costume coordination by Susan Cook. Stage managed by Veronica Gheller.

“sExtOrtiOn’s” cast includes: Joshua Warr as Quin Quimby, the only out gay kid at Middle Falls High School; Spencer Scott as Donny Doirko, a troubled loner; Seth Shirley as Buck Cummings, a bullying jock with control issues; Justin Garascia as Bradley Michael White, the BMW, the golden boy athlete promised to Brenda; Joshua David Bishop as Brent Dodge, marching band geek; Andrew Gelles as Ben Benjamin, Buck’s lieutenant; Julia Hochner as Brenda Fenton Flair, the BFF, cheerleader, promised to Brad; Chantal Thomson as Britany Gray, cool girl, school monitor; and Jeff Ronan as Mr. Zee, school administrator.


Fools of Fortune

By Patrick Thomas McCarthy

© 2013

New York, NY 10025



5 Men & 2 Women

Mr. Edgar Reginald Lehman Lear– patriarch, man of business

Ms. Annaril Lear – oldest daughter

Ms. Reagan Lear – the other daughter

Mr. Cord Lear/ Ms. Cordelia Learson – youngest child

Mr. Glen Storr – business partner, family lawyer

Mr. Edgar "Ned", “Eddie” Storr/ Ned o’ Bedlam – primary son

Mr. Edmond “Monty” Storr – bastard son, personal trainer, escort

Suggested by Shakespeare's KING LEAR, this contemporary American telling has an Alzheimers addled Captain of Industry, Edgar Reginald Lehman Lear, gathering those closest to him for an advance reading of his last will & testament at Thanksgiving dinner. He has sold the family estate, and will go to live with those that love him best. Will his daughters Anneril and Reagan retain the family wealth & to what lengths will they go to do so? Will disinherited gay son Cord, reappear as home health care nurse, Cordelia Learson? And will the Storr family, Glen Storr Esquire, Edmond "Monty" Storr, and Edgar "Ned" Storr find their way into the tangle? Homicide, a blinding, betrayal, abuse, sibling rivalries, cross dressing, arm wrestling and even loyalty, redemption & love find their way into the turbulent mix.

A tale of operatic family dysfunction.

"You're cordially invited to Thanksgiving on the heath...

Bring your own cutlery"


A Spoon River for a New Century

(C) 2011

by Patrick Thomas McCarthy ptmc

3 Men 3 Women

July 17-24, 2012


Fresh Fruit Festival

The Wild Project 195 East Third St, NYC


Outstanding Distinction in Ensemble Acting

Outstanding Distinction in Playwriting

2012 Fresh Fruit Festival

Pride River Crossing

A Spoon River for a New Century

By Joel Benjamin: FireIslandSun.com

The Fresh Fruit International Festival of LGBT Arts and Culture celebrated its 10th Anniversary ambitiously presenting theatre works, comedy, readings, music, dance and film.

I caught Patrick Thomas McCarthy’s Pride River Crossing, subtitled “A Spoon River for a New Century.” Six fine actors portrayed over forty characters. Unlike Spoon River, only a few of these are deceased. Instead, we get a tapestry of interwoven lives, written with an expert ear and an emotional acumen that few modern playwrights possess. Over the course of an hour and a half, the fictional town of Pride River came alive through the words of its inhabitants, all in a minimal stage set with just chairs and appropriate, scene-setting projections and appropriate, character setting costumes.

The long list of Pride Riverites includes the very modern Kelly-Kennedy’s—two Dads, teenage brother and sister—are living evidence of Pride River’s LGBT. The two Dads are ridiculously happy and clueless to the undercurrents of discontent of their children, one of whom is straight and the other hypersensitive to the petty squabbles and money problems.

At the other end of the tolerance spectrum is Trevor whose Mom Rachel home schools him to keep him away from all “perversion.” Mr. Drama, a schoolteacher worries about being the “spinster” and understands that touching of any kind can easily be misconstrued. A young man mourns at the grave of his twin sister who died at birth.

Mitzi Reid, the ebullient real estate agent, loves having gays move into Pride River because it raises the value of properties. A self-described tough guy wants to kill all the gays while Dolores and Angela are ardent pro-gay activists. A PFLAG mom reveals that three of four kids are gay. And so the rich panoply of life and love in Pride River is revealed, far too many to mention individually here, all wonderfully sculpted by Mr. McCarthy’s words, the vocal and physical nuances of the sensitive cast (Brian Linden, Denise DeMirjian, Miles Phillips, Laurie Strickland, Joshua Warr and Chantal Thomson) and the rhythm sensitive direction of Patrick Aran.

The only connecting device is a rally that all the characters are aiming to attend, to express whatever personal agenda they have. Perhaps this is a weak organizing gimmick, but the writing is rich enough to sustain the disjointed nature of Pride River Crossing. If this show is representative of the Fresh Fruit Festival’s standards this will be around for many more anniversaries.

Pride River Crossing © 2011 by Patrick Thomas McCarthy

Fresh Fruit International Festival

The Wild Project

195 East 3rd St. (bet. Aves. A & B)

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With a primary read at ACT, San Francisco in the 1990's, CONFESSIONS is ready to join 12th NIGHTED in the new reading ranks after major revisions.

CONFESSIONS, a Gurneyesque foray into late 20th Century American Catholicism, takes 7 actors playing multiple characters thru an extended family's confessional. From birth to death with all the sacramental stops in between, everyone makes CONFESSIONS. Even the statuary confesses its need to speak

Sunday February 23, 2014 6:30pm Staged Reading

@ The Actor's Institute TAI 150 W. 30th St [14th Floor] near 7th Ave, NYC



Publisher: Chicago Plays © 1991

Musical: Book and Lyrics by Patrick McCarthy

Music & Lyrics by Eric Laine Barnes

Production: HealthWorks Theatre, Chicago, IL

Directed by Patrick Aran

Commissioned & Underwritten by

The March of Dimes

[2 Men, 2 Women] 

Don’t Wait Until You See Me

Takes Teens On Prenatal Trip

March 27, 1992

By Jean Latz Griffin

Chicago Tribune

Sesame Street graduates, meet Baron.von Broccoli. Electric Company kids, get on down with Ita Banana. Those of you who have made MTV what it is today, shudder at the evil of Cid the Cigarette, Al the Pal Alcohol, Mr.Caffeine and The Drug Man. And cheer for the cute little fertilized egg as she hopes her mother eats well and gives up cigarettes and alcohol so she can grow up to be a healthy baby. Coming soon to a high school near you is a bouncy, colorful and daring attempt to teach pregnant teenage girls how to be good to themselves and good to their babies. It`s not anything like your usual high school sex ed class. No films. No embarrassed lectures. No side-view diagrams of unrecognizable anatomy. The 45-minute musical play,`Don`t Wait Until You See Me,` takes place inside the uterus of a 14-year-old girl from conception until two months into the pregnancy.

Developed by HealthWorksTheatre, it was shown for the first time on Thursday to 800 nurses at the 17th annual March of Dimes Perinatal Nursing Conference at the Palmer House Hilton. Starting Tuesday, it will be presented at four West Side high schools in areas with high teenage pregnancy and infant mortality rates. After that, any high school can book a show.The third show developed by HealthWorks, a non-profit organization founded in 1988, `Don`t Wait` follows `The Wizard of AIDS` and `What`s So Big about AIDS,` which have been shown 300 times throughout the Chicago area. Barbara Michelin, chair of the national Perinatal Nursing Advisory Council, asked HealthWorks to develop a play for pregnant teenagers after seeing ``Wizard.' `Serious messages are best delivered with a certain amount of humor, especially to young people,`Michelin said. in `Don`t Wait,` the baby-to-be arrives after one of three caretakers in the uterus announces, ``We`ve got an incoming projectile at 10 o`clock.`` The chief caretaker radios the brain:``Central control, we just experienced severe turbulence. Can you tell us what happened?``The answer comes back that the turbulence was caused by sex, and conception has taken place. When another caretaker accidentally steps on the braided cord attached to the embryo, the chief caretaker scolds:``Don`t step on that. It`s her umbilical cord. We`re pregnant.````We`re pregnant?`` he asks incredulously. ``But that was our first time!``As baby-to-be wonders how her mother will know she is there, the cast launches into a description of the signs of early pregnancy. ``If your period stops . . . see your doctor because she`ll tell you everything you need to know,`` the troupe sings.The day the young mother finally goes to the doctor, she comes home so upset with the news that she`s pregnant that she smokes, drinks and considers taking cocaine. Baby-to-be is nearly asphyxiated by the cigarette smoke. And even though she refuses a proffered drink, she is told, ``You have no choice. If your mother drinks, you drink.``But the mother also does good things for her baby. After a meal and a vitamin pill, Vito the Vitamin and Baron von Broccoli join hands and sing, ``Together we will make a beautiful baby.`The play ends at the 61st day of.pregnancy, with the struggle continuing between good habits and bad ones. `Don`t wait until you see me to show me that you love me,`` baby-to-be sings to her mom.``Right now's the time I really need you to care.``Maybe life didn`t turn out the way you planned. But don`t wait until you see me to open up your heart. Mine is already beating there.'


Publisher: Chicago Plays © 1991

Musical: Book and Lyrics by Patrick McCarthy

Music and Lyrics: by Eric Laine Barnes

Production: HealthWorks Theatre, Chicago, IL

Directed by Patrick Aran

Commissioned & Underwritten by

The March of Dimes

[2M, 2W]