An immersive imagery theatre experience with John Singer Sargent laying bare his relationships with models Thomas McKeller, Wilhelm Kamp & patroness Isabella Stewart Gardner, desperately seeking non-portraiture as his legacy.

McKeller became Sargent’s most "useful" life drawing model, standing in for men, women, the politically powerful, all forms of gods, goddesses and white people. The "colossal" painting of a totally uncovered Thomas McKeller, was only displayed "discretely & infrequently" to Sargent's closest friends, never publicly during Sargent’s lifetime.

Combining spoken text, life drawing, immersive imagery, and historical fact & fiction, HIDDEN invites you to Sargent’s Pope Building Studio in Boston, 1921, to meet the artist, his patroness and two of his most “useful” models. Was “Thomas McKeller” deliberately erased or only HIDDEN for almost one hundred years?

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 You’re invited to Sargent’s Pope Building Studio 1922 to meet the artist, his patroness and Boston's Apollo

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